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GG: In People Weekly!

Dear List,

After spending about two hours looking through a university library, I was
finally able to locate the 1981 (or 1982) article
that Mary Jo mentioned  about GG People Magazine.
It was on microfiche, so some of it was sort of hard to see, but I still 
was able to read it.

I was surprised.  It was not exactly a *negative* article.  It _did_ seem
to focus on making him as eccentric as possible.  But mostly it was a simple

It  also did not (as far as I could see) try to insinuate that GG was gay. 
It did mention that he had had  long relationships with both sexes.  (Does
that mean anything?)  It also told that same story that Mary Jo told about 
his affair with the painter.  He would call up and pretend to be someone
else and the husband would answer pretending to be the Chinese maid!

Someone had asked before (a while ago) what GG's height was.  According to
the article he was either 5'10" or 5'11."  (Hope it helps.)

I did not find the article to be  as offensive or scuzzy as most of the
things I have read in People Weekly, maybe the magazine got worse in the
last fifteen years.

Comments, questions?

best to all,

PS I have been on this list for several months but have not written anything
yet.  Just thought I'd let everyone know how much I love this  list and am
thankful that there's a refuge for GG lovers where people won't call us