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To members of f_minor

I remember it happened on a beautiful january sunday, about three
months ago.
I sat in a chair and listened to the Aria for the first time.
I had never heard about G.G before and Bach sounded to me much too
stately orderly and old fashioned.
Well, I can't explain why, but I listen to the Aria during two hours.
My life has changed since I saw this white and digital frame of mind.
I thought:"it's pure, it's white, it's cold, it's Light."
I never heard something perfect before. It seemed like life could be 
perfect. It gave me hope.
This Aria is simple, there is nothing in it that should not be here.
There is silence between each note. You can see the ground of life
through this music. It is not like fog, it doesn't hide anything.
It is clear, it shows and tell everything, we just have to look.
This music is cold like winter, it gives a better perception of shapes.
The Aria cures me, washes me, gives me hope and strentgh.
One day, a teacher told me: "You feel better when you see genius".
I will never feel bad anymore, I don't want to see anything but light.
No, I want to seize every single moment of my short life, I want every
day to be as bright as each note of the Aria.