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GG - My Foolish Heart

JeremyFrom: stephan@whoville.ucsd.edu asked:

        >> Does anyone know who is playing the piano in the "cafe" segment
        >> of "The Quiet in the Land"...? There is no credit given in the
        >> booklet other than that the peice is "My Foolish Heart".

I haven't heard _Quiet In The Land_ but, remembering that recently someone
commented here on Gould's appreciation of the great jazz pianist Bill
Evans, I wonder if it might be him. If you'd like to research further,
check out _My Foolish Heart_, the first cut on the Bill Evans Trio's album
_Waltz for Debby_. Original Jazz Classics CD 210-2, a re-issue of the
original classic Riverside LP from 1961.

     ...regards, Josh Randall