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Re: GG:_GG_

	Today we listened to Gould's last recording of the Goldberg 
Variations in my Music of Bach class. This was after listening to a 
performance of the same piece by a harpsichordist, whose name I cannot 
remember. Gould's interpretation was SO AMAZING!! The way his hands had 
to cross on the piano in some of the variations is just amazing, and the 
technique he had to have to play some of the fast parts was astounding! 
My professor really loved this recording too... he had only listened to 
the first recording he made of the Variations.

	Did Gould ever make a recording of the Art of the Fugue or the 
Musical Offering? I am supposed to reccomend 6 recordings of each for 
ourr library to purchase next year, and I know that I would reccomend ANY 
recording made by Gould. Can anyone point me towards any recordings of 




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