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Re: GG: Art of Fugue

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"John P. Hill" <jphill@frank.mtsu.edu> writes
>Re:  Art of Fugue
>It's such a great piece.  Thanks to Bradley for the 6-pack recommendation;
>lots of stuff to audition there.
>I would add to this list the double CD set by pianist Evgeni Koroliov
>on the small German label TACET.  I have the feeling that GG might have
>liked this one; its kind of spare, and very musical.  Koroliov's 
>interpretation realizes the essential introspective character that seems
>to pervade this work.  From a production point of view, this is one of
>my favorite solo piano CDs.  The primary pick-up used in a pair of vintage
>Neumann M49 tube mics.  The sound is full, kind of dark and BIG.  The
>spatial perspective is also a bit on the dry side, which GG would probably
>have loved.

He played with work at the GG International Festival in Holland, 1992
(under the approving eye of one Madame Nicolaieva !). Incidentally
Grigory Sokolov gave a recital too, and he has recorded a superb set of
the Art of Fugue on Op 111 label - this for me is the best post-gouldian
Bach playing I know.

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