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GG - and Roxolana Roslak?

I recently picked up the Sony set of GG performing (among other things)
Hindemith's Marienleben, with Roxolana Roslak singing.  I had heard/seen them
on one of the Sony videos doing the Ophelialieder, and immediately I liked
her performance better than Elisabeth Schwartzkopf's with GG.  Her singing on
the Marienleben is marvelous, and she seems to be one of the few vocalists
(or musical partners of any type) who felt comfortable with Gould as a
collaborator.  Does anyone in F-Moll know anything more about her? 

I thought I was fairly well-versed on bel canto singers, but I had never
heard of Roxolana Roslak before buying the Sony video and have found nothing
about her since.  A search of some of my usual sources of information drew a
blank... but I find it hard to believe that she was chosen by Gould as an
artistic collaborator and then recorded nothing else (especially after
turning in such fine performances.)  She has an almost contralto-ish quality
to her voice, rather than the somewhat harsh "buzzing" in the top notes of
some sopranos, and her vocal control and word-pointing are very fine (if you
don't already own that Marienleben set, buy it!  You won't be sorry... though
the Krenek with Patricia Rideout and the Strauss "Four Last Songs" with Lois
Marshall aren't as good.)

Last question -- this is a tacky one, but a similar subject was covered
already in the Cornelia Foss thread --  the liner notes to the Sony set
insinuate that the relationship between Glenn Gould and Roxolana Roslak went
quite a bit beyond the normal bonding of lieder-singer and accompaniest  (or,
in GG's case, I suppose I should say "lieder-pianist and accompaniest"  ;->
 )   This is news to me... does anyone know if this is true, and they were
romantically involved?   That would certainly explain the rapt intensity of
those Ophelialieder....