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GG: Wanda Landowska

     Bradley Lehman, in response to a question about Wanda Landowska's 
     recordings, wrote:
     >Yes; much of the early work is available on CD labels which 
     >specialize in 78-rpm reissue (e.g., Pearl).  And her later RCA 
     >Bach work (WTC, Goldbergs, other selections) is still in print 
     >on CD.  So is the EMI Scarlatti collection.  I haven't seen so 
     >many of her other non-Bach RCA recordings recently; they might 
     >or might not be available.
     Could Mr. Lehman, or other list-members, give us some personal 
     recommendations of Landowska's recordings that would be well 
     worth seeking out?
     Phil Garon