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Bach/Gould/North : the solitude trinity.


Here is a question I would like members to answer: is Bach a mentally

On the one hand, Gould is related to North, to Canada's environment
philosophy. On the other hand, he is related to Bach's musical 
philosophy. I guess you see what I mean.

The question is: is Bach related to the idea of North?
That would mean Bach's musical universe is a large, white, cold, pure,
natural and bright space.
That would also mean Bach, Gould and North are united, like a trinity.
Bach and Gould are the mind of this trinity, but does North belong to 
the mind or to the body? Is North material or spiritual? Could it be
the solitude trinity?

I do think Bach is a Canadian. Gould shown it better than anyone else,
for Gould belonged to the North.

Could you write about this? That would help me resolve this problem
I have with the Bach/Gould/North trinity.

					Thank you.

				    Paris, France