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GG: photobook

Dear subscribers, let me ask a question.

The other day, I found a photobook of GG by Attila Csa****(I don't 
remember well), not by Jock Carrol. It is imported from German. 
Do you know about this book? It had a nice discography at the end.
In Japan it costs about 75 US$. Now I am thinking about ordering it 
through the internet. Could any of you tell me the original price and 


 A few weeks before, I saw a CBS document futuring Oliver Sacks. 
Before I knew him only by the movie 'Awakenings'.
He reminded me of GG. Eccentricities and kindness to the people which 
seems to be a little hidden. (Do you find the latter in GG?) And Sacks 
is very interested in power music has. 
Oh, anyway I just wanted to say he and GG seem to have many basic 
things. Their instinct resembles.