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GG:Tech note

Hi all!

A situation has come up and I thought I should explain how I deal with it. 
As listowner, I get e-mail whenever any one of your servers is down, a
connection times out, etc.  Usually I ignore these messages and within a few
hours everything is fine.  The messages I do pay close attention to, however,
are the ones that give the error "user unknown."  Sometimes this only
means a particular address is experiencing server trouble, but I have
no way of knowing the difference between an odd temporary problem or
if someone has left their provider "with no forwarding address." After
three days, I unsubscribe the troubled address out of necessity.  This
is a last resort and happens quite rarely.

So, I ask that if you change your e-mail address, please let me know so I can
unsubscribe you.  Also, I'll be happy to change your address to your new one
IF you give me 1) the address with which you are now subscribed to the list
2) the address you want to change to.

If, in the future, you suspect that you've been unsubscribed, check
the daily f_minor digest on the WWW site.  If you didn't receive the
messages you find at the last part of the *current* file, e-mail me
and I'll get you resubscribed.

I'm always happy to help with anything I can,
Mary Jo, mwatts@rci.rutgers.edu