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Re: GG: Gould/Bernstein Brahms 1st CD

In article <M4096013.003.sijp2.1.960610151902Z.CC-MAIL*/O=HQ/PRMD=USDOE/
>     FWIW:  Someone posted to one of the Internet newsgroups that he 
>     had seen the "famous/infamous" Bernstein/GG Brahms 1st Piano 
>     Concerto for sale in London at:
>     MDC Record Shop
>     437 The Strand
>     London WC2 U.K.
>     Phone: (44) 171 240 2157
>     The poster said the shop was "selling it on a 2-CD set for 
>     UKPounds 5.99 (around $9). It's on some minor label, coupled with 
>     some American music."
>     Sounds like a "buy" -- if you happen to be in London...
It was Richard Landau. I rushed into town 1 hr after seeing the post and
secured the said double CD of Lenny live perfs from the nota blue label.

Also spent 50 quids on Klemperer and Furwaengler bargain boxes but
that's another matter.
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