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Re: GG: Piano Modifications

<<Unless I miss my guess, the squeaking to which you refer was his beloved
chair, the one his father built for him, and not the piano.


You're right, the chair  *definitely* squeaked (and sometimes a lot more!!
 With all of the snapping and creaking it does on the Byrd/Gibbons CD, it
sounds like it will give way and toss Gould to the floor at any moment...)
 However,  I am pretty sure the action of the Yamaha can be heard making
squeaks as well, on the '82 Variations recording, in a characteristic
old-piano manner I've heard before.   Anyone else care to hazard a guess as
to whether it is chair, piano or both?  (Between the squeaks  and all the
soulful moaning and groaning, no wonder that recording gives the Penguin
Guide hissy fits  :->  )