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Where was Gould buried?

Hi folks,

A question:  Where exactly was Gould buried?  

If as I somehow remember, he was buried in the Mount Pleasant 
Cemetary in Toronto, how exactly does one find the plot?
The funeral service was at St.Paul's Anglican church in Toronto.

>        Music your hands are no longer here to make
>        Still breaks against my ear, still shakes my heart.

David Gardner, a cellist with the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra
wrote an In Memorian poem after Gould's death, part of which 

     an unwanted act
     while the mind wanders 
     to find some solace
     in the contrapuntal ecstasy
     that was Glenn Gould -

The two major beneficiaries in Gould's will were 
the Salvation Army and the Humane Society btw.  

Michael Davidson
(  see my Glenn Gould page at 
   http://www.uottawa.ca/~weinberg/gould.html  )

= = = = = = 
Speaking of Elegies, two of my favourite epitaphs are from the 
Oxford Book of Lighter Verse...

Here lies the body of Richard Hind,
Who was neither ingenious, sober, nor kind.

On Peter Robinson
Here lies the preacher, judge and poet, Peter
Who broke the laws of God, and man, and meter.
  - Lord Jeffrey

I tried to make up one for GG but nothing came to mind