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Re: GG: 12 Tone Fans

    I wonder if I could take a little poll about how many list members are
    interested in atonal, or 12 tone music, and what draws you to it (if

Interested? Sure. (Also even less musical music, just as I'm interested
in non-performance-like performances :-)

    you are!)  Also, what is your reaction to GG's performances of
    Schoenberg, Berg, et al?

I think they're pretty marvelous, but I don't have the same feeling for
them as I do for Bach. A flaw in me, no doubt ...

I like GG's performances more than the few others I've heard.
It's a cliche, but he seems to understand that 20th century ``stuff''
darn well :-).

    If you do have an interest in atonal music-- what brought you to it--
    music training? a certain piece caught your attention?

Learning to play (after a fashion) Schoenberg's Six Little Piano Pieces.
Although they aren't exactly atonal, and certainly not 12-tone,
they got me interested in Schoenberg.