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Re: GG: Left & Right Balance

>At 20:31 13-07-96 GMT, David Daniel wrote:
>>At 06:43 PM 7/13/96, K. Berry wrote:
>>>    Keyboardists among us: do you find that your dominant
>>>    side has an effect on your playing?  Did you have to overcome
>>>    dominance of the right or left hand as you learned to play?

I used to wonder about this alot, and after a certain period of reflection
decided to try an experiment. It occured to me that if I cut the webbing
between my fingers..........(just kidding).
Actually, I decided to start doing _everything_ with my left hand, from
brushing my teeth to buttoning my shirt.  The theory was (I was about 14 at
the time) that my left hand would eventually gain all the dexterity of my
right. I stuck with this for about 3-4 months, after which time I decided
that it was not having the desired effect and was more trouble than it was
worth. I've often wondered what the case would have been had I held out for
a year or more. Insufficient data.
BTW, I remember during this period eating out with my family at a Chinese
restaurant, and the incomprehensible look on the waiters face when my
father requested that I be brought a pair of left-handed chopsticks.....