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gould on radio

Hello from Bruce Charlton - new to this list - this is my first message.

People may already know this, but I had a radio program (which 
featured Gould as a character, and which was inspired both in form 
and content by Gould) broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in 1991 (twice). 

It was called:

 Solitude, Exile and Ecstasy: theme and variations in words and music

Words were taken from Gould, HD Thoreau, and the Scottish poet Hugh 
MacDiarmid, music was from Gould's 1992 recording of the Goldberg 

It may be that subscribers would like to see the script for this. If
anyone is willing to type it in and sned it to this list (my own
skills in copy typing are woeful), then I'd be happy to send them a
copy by snail mail. 

I have compiled a second program about Gould which I have sent to
CBC recently, although I did not have a named producer to address it
to, and I haven't had a reply yet (UK Canada post is VERY slow). Any
suggestions about someone at CBC that might be interested?



Dr Bruce G Charlton MD
Department of Psychology
University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Fax 0191 222 5622