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re: New CD

Hi,  Silvio and everyone!

 I got the infromation for the new GG CD
namded "Images"(SX2K 62588).
(asked Sony Classical in Tokyo)

It is a product projected by Sony Classical France.
(Maybe with the help of Bruno Monsaingeon)

A compilation album, but carries many color rare photos of GG.
(35-page booklet with 2 CDs).

I hear it has already been available in France.

The programme are:

Disk 1: (BACH)
Italian Concerto; Two-voice Inventions BWV772, 779;
French Suite BWV813;  WTC BWV846; 
The Theme and 5 variations from the Goldberg (1981);
Sinfonias BWV797, 801;
Partita  no.1;  WTC BWV883;  Toccata BWV915

DISK2: (various)

Brahms: Rhapsody in B minor, op.79,no.1;
Gibbons: Alemande;
Haydn: Sonata No.58 (excerpts);
Wagner: Meisterginger;
Sibelius Sonatine Op.67, no.2 (ex.)
Beethoven: Emperor Concert (3rd mov.);
Bizet: Premier Nocturne;
Strauss: Sonate (2nd mov.)
Scriabine: Caresse dansee;
Mozart: "alla turca";
Scarlatti: Sonata in G Major;
Prokofiev: Sonata No.7 (1st mov.)

--that's all.(Sorry for unstilized way of listing.)

Junichi Miyazawa, Tokyo

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From: 	Silvio Gordiani
Sent: 	Monday, August 5, 1996 11:59 PM
To: 	f_minor@email.rutgers.edu
Subject: 	GG: New CD

Hi all,

The first anniversary of F_Minor is coming and Sony announces a new C

In-Store August 20, 1996

Glenn Gould 
      SX2K 62588 - Sony Classical 

The title is intriguing but it could be simply a compilation. Any ide