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Re: GG: Menuhin by Monsaingeon!

At 23:26 06-08-96 EDT, Mary Jo Watts wrote:
>The program I mentioned in a post earlier this evening was marvelous.  It was
>directed by long-time GG friend and associate Bruno Monsaingeon whom we have
>to thank for the _Glenn Gould Plays Bach_ series (which includes the
>Goldberg video).  It's two hours long and available on video cassette
>and was produced in honor of Yehudi Menuhin's 80th birthday, today.
>There is a 3 CD set of his fave. performance pieces that was released
>to go with the video. [label-- EMI]

I'm not quite sure but I believe that Australian viewers can watch the same
documentary on the ABC's "Sunday Afternoon" program showing (not
surprisingly) this Sunday. Sorry about being so vague but the on-line TV
guide only goes to next Saturday...

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