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GG: ST transcriptions???

Hi all!

Have any of you attempted to transcribe any of The Solitude Trilogy?
I've made great progress with ION and have it nearly finished but for
some difficult phrases in the opening "trio sonata" but I haven't even
attempted TL or QitL.  I'm doing the transcriptions as part of my
dissertation research. I'd be happy to share either a laser-printed
finished transcript or an e-edition in SGML markup of any of the
trilogy with anyone who's interested in sending me parts of TL or QitL.

I have the Artforum article that the first few minutes of each piece
are published in but I'm looking to transcribe all the pieces as
accurately as possible.  I'm marking the transcriptions with time ques
from the CD for quick access. 

If interested, contact me via private e-mail.

Mary Jo Watts,