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First post

Dear f minor,

    I've *just* found out about this list, but have no idea how
    long it has been running nor how active it is.

    I discovered GG sometime during the early 80s, I suppose,
    and I have to admit that what attracted me first of all were
    the wonderful photographs on the sleeves of the
    CBS reissues  that were coming out at that time.

    I loved Bach and had a hunch that I loved Bach most of all
    played on the piano, but didn't really  know where to begin.

    The more I heard GG and the more I found out, the more
    fascinated I became -- until it is now impossible to
    imagine a musical (or mental) landscape without him....

    Looking forward to exchanging talk with everyone.

- cheers,    Alun

1:01 am

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One  does  not play the  piano
with one's fingers.  One plays
with one's mind. - Glenn Gould