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GG re: Ordering via the web

Hello, Jeremy and everyone--

What about ordering the discs an ordinary web shop?
I know a shop named "CD World" (in California) :


I don't know the Trilogy is available there, 
but you can get various didcs and videos via internet with your credi
t card.
(I bought a video of "Slaughterhouse-Five" at the CD World!!)

Best wishes,

Junichi,  Tokyo.

>>>>> Junichi_Miyazawa@msn.com <<<<<<

P.S.  As for books, I often visit and do shopping at Amazon.com Books
 (in Seattle):


Does anyone know a web book shop in the UK?
Sometimes, books published in the UK are not available at Amazon.

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I don't know if this is still the case, but when I tried to order the
"Solitude" trilogy over the web, I encountered quite a bit of difficu
(i.e. four days after placing the order my Visa still hadn't been bil
and ended up calling the CBC. They told me that they were no longer 
taking orders over the internet, and I ended up placing it over the 
phone. They may have changed again, but it might be a better idea to 
them on the toll free number listed on the web page than to take a