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Re: GG: Who WAS that gloved man?


Thanks so much for responding to my email! Was a little odd to write, as I
don't think I've really put down the whole thing before that day, and one
never knows how others will respond to a story like that! Yours was good to
Glad to hear you were inspired to play!  I suppose GG sort of sends us off
in our various directions, as he perhaps intended to?  Do you find that you
are adequately answering whatever it is that hearing the Goldbergs started
in you?
When I was in T.O. last summer, I also of course went by the St. Clair apt.
The place definitely seemed perfect for him--dark and austere, but
certainly with a lot of character!
Did you (and any other F_minor comerades) know about Glenn Gould park, a
few blocks down (west) on the same side of the street?  I stumbled upon it
quite accidentally, John Miller (GG Foundation Administrator) hadn't
mentioned it, and I was walking along, looking for a place to buy a can of
soda. It's rather tiny--smaller than any of us would like to think, I'm
sure--and has this strange statue in it...of Pan, if I remember correctly,
and the inscription on the plate in front of it is some sort of dedication
to children, which seems rather ironic.  I don't think it has anything to
do with GG though, because if I remember correctly the statue was erected
in 1928, four years before he was born.  It's as though someone stuck the
"Glenn Gould Park" sign in front of it as an afterthought...the park
doesn't seem to suit him in any way.  I don't know what the thinking
was...do any of you?
To answer your question, Jeff, I'm studying art at San Francisco State
Univ. As I wrote in my first posting, this seemed to make the most
sense...it seemed to fall into place that this is the direction I should go
after my encounter with Gould. Love to listen to the Bach's Goldberg V.'s,
the Italian Concerto, the D Major Partita (the Gigue in particular),
Keyboard Concerto #4 in A Major, especially, while I draw.  Seems to
improve my work.
So you are playing the piano now...would love to hear about any other
significance GG has had to you (and/or any other f_minor subscribers) if
you're so inclined to write.