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GG in Stockholm

Dear Subscribers!

Have been lurking here for some time. There may be a list of known
recordings of GG somewhere, but I haven't searched it out.

Yesterday I bought one I haven't seen mentioned here. It is an album of two
mono CD. CD-323/324 called Glenn Gould in Stockholm, 1958. Recordings are
made sept 30, oct 1 and oct 5 with the Musical Academy, Stockholm.

 The text states "This is NOT a pirate recording. The original tapes have
been legally bought from the Swedish Broadcasting Association and are paid for!"

One record contains performances obviously from a public concert with
coughing and applauds It is W. A. Mozart Piano Concerto No 24 in c min KV
491 and L v Beethoven Pi conc No 2 in B flat maj Op 19.
About both those recordings I don't find it so typically GG-ish. Hadn't I
known I might have guessed for Clara Heskil. He uses legato and the tempi
may be those of the conductor Ludwig Jochum.

The other record contains sonatas from Haydn, Beethoven and Alban Berg. The
Haydn sonata, No49 in E flat, wasn't known to me before. I have nothing to
compare with. I would say they are played much like by a "normal virtuoso"
to say.

I would think much the same of Beethovens A flat sonata No 31 Op. 110 were
it not for the fourth set, the FUGA. That one is worth the whole album. It
seems like Gould thought so too. I haven't detected his "scat singing"
anywhere before but suddenly it's there like a bumblebee in a bucket. He has
come home and is juggling the contrapunta and making a firework of the
stretta at the end. That's Gould! 24 carat!

I have to confess with shame that Alban Berg is beyond my horizon. Not even
GG can do anything to that. Thus I don't have anything to say about his way
to perform Piano Sonata, Op 1.

The booklet says the record can be ordered from
Grammofon AB BIS
Varingavagen 6, S-182 63 Djursholm, Sweden
Phone +46 8 4554100

I haven't tried so I can't promise it's current.

Best greetings
Goran Adevik
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