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RE: GG: Italian Concerto

Greetings, all!

Interesting that GG would re-record the Italian Concerto.
He went on record *many* times as really disliking this piece
for its lack of contrapuntal interest;  he seemed to feel that
it was compositionally inferior to almost everything else Bach wrote.
Maybe he was starting the whole Bach cycle over on digital???
Stuff that's in the "ice-box" is usually there for a reason
(like the artist doesn't want it to go out), but would obviously
be of great interest now.


On Sat, 18 Jan 1997, Junichi Miyazawa wrote:

> Taku,
> Yes, according to various materials,
> GG must have recorded the Italian Concerto in *1981* too,
> and it must be in the "ice box."
> I hope Sony will release it ASAP.
> Is Sony going to release the 1959 version for the series
> of the GG Edition?  I hope Sony will release both,
> preferably in a *single* disc.
> It might be a very exceptional case: two versions of one work
> in one disc,  it is exceptional only in classical music:
> in jazz, it is a matter of course that one disc has 
> several takes of one work.   
> I hope to find a generosity of Sony to release the both version.
> Junichi
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> From: 	Taku Fujita
> Sent: 	Saturday, January 18, 1997 7:28 AM
> To: 	GG
> Subject: 	GG: Italian Concerto
> Dear all,
> Could someone let me know about the following?
> Gould recorded "Italian Concerto" in 1959.
> We can hear this record, of course.
> And I knew Gould had tried to record this tune again at the CBS in 19
> 81,
> but I can't find this CD.
> What could have happened to the record?
> By any chance, didn't this recording finish,
> otherwise, does this track exist?
> Taku