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Re: GG plays Byrd & Gibbons

In message <853792477.523388.0@ukiah.demon.co.uk>, Alun Severn
<alun@ukiah.demon.co.uk> writes
>>On Sun, 19 Jan 1997, Alan wrote:
>>> How  does the GG/Gibbons SOUND***?
>> but I've always felt that if Byrd and
>>Gibbons could hear Gould's rendition on that recording, they would say,
>>"That's how I heard it in my head."
>Having listened to the Byrd/Gibbons for the first time last night, I can
>now say that the disc is a revelation -- GG at his most ecstatic and
>inward; almost shamanistic....
Indeed this is it - the holy grail I think. Perhaps not my favourite GG
recording of all time but the one I like best to relax to. GG is in
another world, completely transcends the tedium of life.


Neil Tingley