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Re: GG: Gibbons and a certain English conservative privacy(?)

Joseph said:

>For you and anyone else interested, please give the Salisbury Pavan a good
>listen. Incredibly beautiful. It's always been such a solemn and revelatory
>piece for me.

As instructed, it is playing as I write. The Gramophone magazine, reviewing
the WTK I said:

        "...All romantic potential is swept rudely
        into oblivion....blinding clarity is coupled
        with an autocracy that dares you to dissent..."

        -- quoted in Sony catalogue "The GG Edition"

Thinking about this. These hushed and somewhat private performances of
Byrd/Gibbons: do they appeal so strongly because they *are* less

Thanks for the continuing richness of this thread.

Rgds,  Alun

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