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GG Gibbbons/Byrd

Cheers to the Gibbons/Byrd threaders:

After a few days absence account of email problems, I finally caught up
with this thread from Alun and Joseph and Bradley. It was an absolute
delight reading everyone's comments especially re the Italian Ground.

To Kristen Immor, the Italian Ground sounds like a good bet for a
processional. I often thought that GG's treatment of the first few notes is
almost triumphant--his attack (with tempi acknowledgement to Bradley)--is
processional. I can almost hear 'flatt trumpets'. I caution you, Kristen,
that in a church, the organist's humming might be lost--and then it would
not capture the essential Gould...!

That's coming from someone who was married to the music of Charpentier and
Purcell 25 years ago.

Richard F. Makse
Member, HTML Writers Guild