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Re: GG: What's this?

At 9:45 PM 1/23/97, L. Lalonde wrote:
>Do you all want to see something strange?
>Click here:

Yeah, I think that's a big goof, the whole discography is a mess... I recognize that one from my store. It perks up my eyes any time I see the name Gould, and it sort of gets annoying having that Morton guy around... this town's not big enough for the both of 'em... Morty's gotta go... ;-)

Incidentally, I love the way they bill the Billy the Kid recording as "Glenn Gould conducting the Morton Gould Orchestra," sort of like a bad episode of the Patty Duke show. ("There's Morton who loves a minuet, the Ballet Russe and Crepes Suzette, but Glenn he loves that rock and roll, Schoenberg makes him lose control, what a wild duet...")


"I've never had to work very hard convincing myself of a hereafter. After all, don't you think it seems infinitely more plausible than its opposite... oblivion?"   -Glenn Gould