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Re: GG: Morton Gould thread

Scarlatti wrote:

> Excuse me Kristen....but according to my ASCAP mail.......'Morty'  did go
> recently........within the last year -and -a -half or so.....!!   

By the way, is that A or D Scarlatti? Anyway, there's the Dead People
Server at


which shows:

Glen Gould (musician) -- Dead. Oct 4, 1982.
Morton Gould (composer) -- Dead. Feb 21, 1996
Cary Grant (actor) -- Dead. Nov 29, 1986.
Peter Graves (actor) -- Alive. 
Lorne Greene (actor) -- Dead. Respiratory and cardiac arrest. Sep 11,

It's a useful site especially when someone raises a nagging question,
especially late at night. BTW, I will advise them how to spell "Glenn".

Richard F. Makse
Member, HTML Writers Guild