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GG: Canadian weekends and vacations

Dear friends,

Yesterday, on TV, I saw a news on Lake Simcoe that the ice 
surface was split and people were left on the isolated parts.
I hope all the people will be rescued safely.

Now, I would like to know something about Canadian way of life.
I hear many Canadian people who enjoy urban life go out of the 
town every weekend to their cottages in the country side.
Is that true?  I know the young GG used to spend his weekends 
and holidays at his cottage on the Lake Simcoe.  Was it a very 
usual way?  Is there any difference of weekends 
between in his days and these days?

Could anyone describe the Canadian (or possibly, Torontonian) 
way of spending their weekends and vacations? 

Also, give me the definition of "weekend."
What is the "weekend" like in Canada?  
Any difference from in any other Western countries?

As I once visited Canada only for a week or so, and 
have never lived there, nor in other countries,  
I cannot imagine such usual aspects of your daily life.


Junichi, Tokyo / junichi@poetic.com