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Angela Hewitt

Someone said:

>>     Finally, has anyone heard Angela Hewitt, who records on Hyperion?
>>     She's a new Canadian pianist on the scene, possibly the spiritual
>>     successor to Gould. I've heard her Inventions and Symphonia, and I've
>>     been quite impressed. I'd sure like to hear her rumble through the Art
>>     of the Fugue, or the WTK.

I'm just beginning Otto Friedrich's GG: Life & Variations. In the preface
he writes:

"So when the executor divided up the estae and consigned CD 318 to the Nat.
Library, he stipulated that it should not be treated as an object of
veneration but worked on.....And so, in the fall of 1986, we gathered in
the auditorium...to hear a young pianist named Angela Hewitt give CD 318
its first public workout....She had won the 1986 Intl. Bach Comp. in
Toronto....We were all filled with admiration and a sense of occasion, and
we all knew that her last encore would have to be, as it of course was, the
theme of the Goldberg Variations."

Hope this helps.

Best,  Alun

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