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Re: Re[2]: Goldberg opinion

Sorry.  I did not spell check.  One should not read USENET at work, not
post therefrom.......  corrections follow:

> Briefly:
> From a lurker and fan of Mr. Gould.  String players, take note!  Take a
> few notes!  There are transcriptions of GV for strings...one being a
> chamber orchestra version transcibed by Dmitry Sitkovetsky (available on
> Nonesuch 79341).
> Also, while not recorded during his lifetime that I know of(the manuscript
> only surfaced in the 1970s), there are at least two recordings of the 18
> Canons and Variations on the Aria Ground from the Goldberg Variations.
> Wonder what Gould would have done with those?  I like the Sony/CBS one
> from the Marlboro Festival the best with Serkin playing the aria and then
> various groups of woodwinds and strings playing each of the variations.
> Best,
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