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Forgot to introduce myself

I've now had a taste of the the "flavour" of the f_minor list and I 
feel enormously at home already, yet a little out of my depth as regards 
any erudite technical discussion of Glenn Gould's work (or of music in 
general). Indeed, this amazing substance called music defies all my 
attempts at a worthwhile description. Yet it is capable of an eloquence 
far more powerful than any word, spoken or written even though we can 
not, if we are really honest, do more than guess at what it is saying. 
What distinguishes great music from the mediochre is not always easy to 
explain. The differences can be very subtle. The great GBS in his 
writings as "Corno di Basetto" came as near as anyone that I have read. 
(GBS was always better appreciated on the side of the Atlantic where I 
guess most of you are so you may know what I am talking about)
It might be helpful if I tell you that those who know me would assume 
that my main passion in life is sport, in particular squash and tennis, 
which I play virtually every day - even though I am at exactly the age 
at which GG died. On the contrary, music (at the listening end - I have 
never had any exploitable ability with an instrument) has been my 
passion ever since I can remember, but being surrounded by generally not 
very musical people in most of my family and professional life it is a 
fairly private passion. 
      Almost all the music I listen to these days is solo or small 
ensemble composition that, on the whole, contains the more private, 
intimate and progressive musical (and other?) thoughts of the composer, 
so increasingly its interpretation by the performer has become more 
      So far, I have got to know the GG/Bach recordings that have been 
available in my local HMV store but now I am starting to order them. 
(Today there were a great piles of Sony/Glenn Gould Edition catalogues
all over the store!) 
       Now that I have introduced myself more fully I'll respond to 
current points briefly!
      1) Hello Alun. Yes another Brit. Are there so few of us? Is there 
a way of downloading the list? I'd be grateful if you or someone could 
let me know because the who_list? command appears to be part of an 
"un-subscribe" process. I don't want to do that just yet!
      2) And welcome Arin ... from an old member who must have joined
about five minutes before you!
      3) Kristen, thanks for the recommendation, I'm looking forward to 
being killed by the Beethoven/GG combination. The CD is on order.
      4) The Goldberg debate. I've got the 81 and the live Salzberg 
(didn't know there was another) So that's on order as well. It's no 
problem because I give most of my GG recordings away as presents ( a 
missionary urge I suppose) and have to buy a replacement!
      5) Can't add much to the discussion on ice-fishing although the 
Thames almost froze over at Hampton two weeks ago. I'm afraid I part 
company with GG regarding a love of cold and things Northerly. I'm off 
to my apartment in Spain in a couple of weeks. Must take a CD player!!
 regards to all ERIC