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Re: Palladio

kevin m. lause wrote:
> To Anyone Who Can Help:
> I would very much like to locate a copy of a CD by Glenn Gould to purchase
> as a gift for my mother.  She has often mentioned a recording with the
> title "Palladio" which "is done by Von Karajan, Mitropolous, and
> Stokowski," but I cannot locate any CD with this title.
> If anyone has ANY information about this recording (e.g., works performed,
> purchasing information) I would be most appreciative.
> Thanks,
> Kevin

The CD was distributed by Allegro in Portland, OR.  It has "Palladio" in
big letters on the cover. It's on the Enterprise label, PD 4219.  It has
Bach's Concerto BWV 1052 with Mitropoulos and the Concertgebouw (1958),
and Beethoven's Concerto N.3, Opus 37, with Karajan and the Berliner
Philkarmoniker (1957).

I found it one day browsing the Allegro web site and ordered it.  At the
time, they said they had only two copies left.  That was the end of
March 1996.  I suspect that Sony got it suppressed.  The CD is made in
Italy and the price was 12.98 + 4.00 for shipping.  It's worth a try.
The Berlin recording is also on Memories HR 4415/16 together with the
Bach at Salzburg (1958), Schoenberg Opus 42 in New York (1958),
Prokofiev Opus 83 (1962), and the Strauss Burleske from Canadian TV
(1960).  That one was available for quite a while, but I haven't seen it

Eberhard Buehler,
Chapel Hill, NC