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GG and Schubert

I'd forgotten Franz's birthday and did I really forget to include his
songs along with Beethoven's String Quartets as what I could return to 
after GG?
Funnily enough, when seeing for the first time on Thursday a rather
comprehensive catalogue of GGs recorded works, and noticing that 
Schubert did not get a look in, I did try to imagine how the combination 
would work. On the whole I think I can see why he did not go for 
Schubert (but so far I have only heard GG play Bach).
I couldn't help thinking, however, that he would have been rather at 
home with the marvellous evocations of stark, wintery solitude in
"Winterreise".  What do others think? And was GG much of an accompanist?
Regards  Eric Coates