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GG: Piano players, musicians on the list

In reply to Arin Murphy's question of 97-01-28:

I have been playing the piano for 12 years now and I still take lessons at the
Academy of Music in Vienna where I study the organ (so the piano is
'only' my second instrument).

Since I am mailing now (a friend subscribed for me because I do not
have accesss to electronic mail) and I have never done an official
introduction I take my chance and write a few points right now:

I have been studying the organ for one year now and regulary play at
services in church. I got to know Gould's music through a record of
my father when I was about ten years old (I don't remember it exactly)
and was extraordinarily impressed by Gould playing the Italian Concerto.
Since then I was looking for more information about and more
recordings by him and my interest has increased ever since.

Best regards from Austria,

Manfred Novak