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GG: unfinished business...


Can the same be said of Schubert's "Unfinished Sonatas"?


"Despite my admiration for scientific knowledge, I am not an adherent of 
scientism. For scientism dogmatically asserts the authority of scientific 
knowledge; whereas I do not believe in any authority and have always 
resisted dogmatism; and I continue to resist it, especially in science. I 
am opposed to the thesis that the scientist must believe in his theory. 
As far as I am concerned 'I do not believe in  belief', as E. M. Forster 
says; and I especially do not believe in belief in science. I believe at 
most that belief has a place in ethics, and even here only in a few 
instances. I believe, for example, that objective truth is a value -- that 
is, an ethical value, perhaps the greatest value there is -- and that 
cruelty is the greatest evil."   -- Karl Popper (1982)