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Re: GG: On/Off Record

>...KULTUR Video, a video sales company. When I phoned them, they said the
>video wouldn't be in stock until Jan. Well, I phoned them yesterday and
>they still don't have it.

Hmmm, this causes me some concern... I received the adslick for the video a few weeks ago and called to place my order so I would get it by the street date. They said nothing about a backorder of stock, and were happy to take my credit card #, so I wonder what the real story is! I shall have to call and check on things.

Incidentally, Kultur also mentioned that the first GG Kultur release, Glenn Gould: A Portrait, is officially out of print. It can still be found on the shelves of a few stores, as I learned back in October when a copy of it fell off one such shelf in a Borders bookshop and hit me on the head. (I took it as a sign that I should purchase the video, but I am currently filing litigation against the Estate of Glenn Gould, in homage to a certain Steinway/shoulder-smooshing incident that occurred some years back...;-)


Elyse Mach: "But do you think that if Beethoven came back to life he'd go along with these notions of motif and tempo?"
Glenn Gould: "I don't really know, nor do I very much care..."