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Re: Schubert at 200

The list-owner probably won't like this posting, but if she let's the ideas
of someone like Frank get past her filters, she surely has to cope with the
rightful replies to those ideas. The world is full of Franks, and we have
to be aware of them, whereever they stick up their ugly minds:

These statements below, from some extremely caged and ignorant person in
some remote area of western "culture" could make anyone in his right mind
throw up a number of times. I do not usually lower myself to these kinds of
comments, but Frank's statements just do not belong anywhere, except maybe
in the perverted minds of racists and etnocentricals. Please look out the
window, Frank! Isn't it lonely in there - and dusty??? You sure are missing
a world of art, a world of joy, a world of excitement, a world of
refinement. I am truly sorry for you and the likes of you. I am glad to
notice that you really have gone deep into the world of Schubert, but don't
get stuck there. How old are you; 15? You sound like a very young person
who just learned to enjoy classical music, and who gets so overwhelmed that
he blows the lid. You have a lot to learn, a lot to discover. Right now you
are nowhere. Now I am deleting your posting and forgetting about you.


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> But Schubert's music is a glorious bonus,
>even though it is a fact that the value of his music exceeds that of
>the combined artistic productions of all non-Western civilizations

> or music too trivial to be an extended microcosm (folk

All places are here!  All times are now!