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On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, Harold Sinclair wrote:

> Wasn't there a Chickering at the Toronto apartment too, which hadn't
> been tuned in 19 years?

Yep...I think it's the same one, brought home from the wilds of Lake
Simcoe.  Apparently it had fallen into serious disrepair by the time of
Gould's death.

But the Chickering was not the one with the incredible tuning.  I believe
that was the Steinway (not CD318) that he practiced on at his apartment.
For some reason, it had a great propensity for "self-adjustment" as the
temperature and humidity varied.

And yes, the '81 Goldberg set was done on a Yamaha (and not a
great-sounding one at that).  Seems like we have some newbies on our list,
which is cool...