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Re: GG: Austrian recording

At 3:13 PM -0600 3/7/99, Cynthia K Harris wrote:
>I just order this from Berkshire:
>Label: SONY/CBS Media Type: CD Price: 17.98 Description: "32 Variations on
>Glenn Gould" (Soundtrack to the Film + Gould speaks in the German language
>on Bach and the fugue) Stock Number S2K 64315 (A) [AUSTRIA] 2 CD set Add
>to Cart
>I've never seen this one before, and I didn't know about the film.  I'm
>really curious what I'm getting!

The sndtrck is the regular one from "32 Short Films..." and the "GG Speaks
on Bach" is from a German radio broadcast Gould made - in German - where he
speaks about Bach's fugues. (Pretty much what it claims to be.) I also
ordered this from Berkshire, and think it's a really nice piece. Oddly, the
cover doesn't feature the film poster art, but a still from "Passion
According to Gould." It's slightly amateurish in appearance, but the rest
of the packaging isn't bad. I really didn't appreciate the radio piece
until I learned German - I remember asking Renate whether Glenn had a
decent grasp of the language. And now I know what a poor accent Glenn
really had!