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Request for permission and contributions


It's been a rainy Easter weekend, down here in Australia. Consequently, I've
been working on my Glenn Gould Web site http://glenn.fdnet.com.au, rather
than sailing :-(

I now have over 300 works, representing 400 recording sessions documented.
Due to my personal musical bias, the Bach recordings are just about
complete, although I'm still checking them for accuracy against Nancy
Canning's Discography (which appears to have many more errors and omissions
than I'd hoped.

Anyway, the reason for this message is to gauge the List's opinion on the
addition of selected archived F_Minor messages to the underlying database. I
wanted to include references to opinions and reviews of specific GG
recordings. There have been some wonderful and insightful comments about
GG's recordings on this list over the years. The way I expect to do it, is
to link to the F_Minor archive. You can see an example at
http://glenn.fdnet.com.au/recordingdetail.cfm?id=3 (Bradley's excellent
overview of the different recordings of the Goldberg variations). In effect,
this would allow us to create an FAQ for all of Glenn Gould's recordings.

Does anyone object to their messages being referred to in this way?

Are there any volunteers to help me wade through the archives for
appropriate messages to include?

Any other comments or criticism of my approach are welcome.

Warm regards,

Marius Coomans