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Re: GG English Suites

Beadesignr@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 4/29/99 4:24:23 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
> jerbidoc@zianet.com writes:
> <<
>  Trying to play the Prelude and the Gigue from the Em Suite the way he does
>  is driving me crazy!  The performance of the Prelude is masterful, and of
>  course his brain had to have been sliced down the middle!  And performance
>  of the Gigue is weird, but I like it!
>   >>
>    Try being a Gould - influenced classical guitarist! Then the fun really
> starts.
>                                     'Lynne

hehe!   it does some funny things to my cello playing too :)