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Re: GG English Suites $5.00


>The older issue (a series of some of the Bach recordings only) was from
>CBS/Columbia and mid-priced.  Each had a cover of a different solid color,
>with a small photo of GG.  Blue spine with white lettering.

Yes, this is the one.


>Then CBS/Columbia got absorbed into Sony, and all Columbia and Odyssey
>discs went out of print.

I picked up all the Mozart sonatas for less 20 twenty dollars on Odyssey
CDs, a few years back.  No liner notes, but I still have most of the LPs
for that.  :)

>The current issue by Sony has the consistent white covers and is
>full-priced.  This is (arguably) justified by the Super Bit Mapping and
>the better documentation, etc.

Is the sound 'bigger'?  The white ones that I have seem slightly
'expanded'.  It might be merely pyschological with me though, I haven't
worn my audiophile hat since the 60's and early 70's when different systems
and different recordings more obviously affected the listening experience,
as they say.

>This series is also more nearly complete,
>including previously unissued performances.  Sony publishes this series
>with short playing times and full price because people will pay it....

I would pay dearly (and I would probably have to) for a complete
collection, which could be stored as a logical and handsome unit, so I
could see immediately where one was missing and inevitably mixed in with
one of my other groupings of almost a thousand CDs. I know I'm lazy, but
life is too short.  How much would a final solution like that be sold for?
Can anyone guess?  I still haven't gotten around to acquiring all his work,
which is another reason.  The prospect really interests me, even though I
know it wouldn't make commercial sense for Sony.