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Re: GG: QitL

On Mon, 10 May 1999, Mary Jo Watts wrote:

> >From what work is the Bach cello sarabande in the opening segment of
> _The Quiet in the Land_?  

Starting at 6'19" of QitL it's the Sarabande of the Suite #4 in E-flat,
BWV 1010.  GG excerpts it in eight-bar sections.  I didn't have my Casals
LP handy for direct comparison this morning, but this sounds very much
like that classic (1930's) Casals recording in phrasing, intonation, and
sound quality.  That's probably the one.

The cello piece heard earlier in QitL isn't Bach.  It's some counterpoint
to "Just as I am," presumably composed by GG himself.

Anybody know which album the "My Foolish Heart" in the second section of
QitL comes from?  I've been keeping an eye out for early Ahmad Jamal
references, but so far no success.  Was this perhaps an Argo album?  (The
booklet notes of the Solitude Trilogy suggest Jamal, and it's clearly not
any of the Bill Evans versions I've been able to hear.)

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