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GG: Art of the Fugue Video

I finally got the Art of the Fugue video! Not only was it on back
order, but I also had to wait because of a confusion involving the
shipping company they used. (I won't say their name, but their
initials are UPS.)

I think it was definitely worth the wait. (OK, I'm sure Bradley will
argue with me about late period Glenn Gould, but that's all right...
:->) I'm still not sure what Glenn was saying most of the time. Partly
because it was past midnight by the time I finally started to watch
it, and partly because my musical education wasn't up to snuff. And of
course, a few times, Glenn was playing the piano while talking, and
that made it hard to hear what he was saying. I'd heard about how he
played the piano while talking, so I had some warning, but watching it
was something else altogether. Just one question. How on earth did he
*do* that?

Now a very nonmusical question:
I've seen plenty of photographs of Glenn Gould, esp. on the Sony
releases. I'd like to ask fellow f-miners: Of all these pictures, what
picture do you think most captures his essence as a musician, person,
etc.? (He had a lot of essences, so it's all right to pick more than
one picture.) As for myself, I can't decide. Now that I've posed the
question, I guess I'll have to pick something.

P.S. If the picture you like is available on-line, don't forget to
include a link.