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Re: GG: Art of the Fugue Video

From: Jeremy Smith <jcs@grove.ufl.edu>

>My favorite is the one on the jacket of the Ostwald book.  The one
>Gould standing by the piano, looking towards his chair.  I guess this
>middle period Gould, if you will.  I don't know if this photo is

Do you mean the picture on the back of the hard cover? The one where
his chair looks like it just exploded? That is good -- not just
because of the "exploding" chair and the Bach score on the piano. I
like that picture, I just wish I had a larger copy without the cover
blurbs. Great expression -- I keep expecting him to start saying
something about Bach.

I also like pictures that show Glenn conducting, whether or not he's
playing, because that is so Gouldian. But so are pictures that show
him talking, thinking, making a joke, etc. Maybe I should've asked
everybody for their 32 favorite pictures. ;->