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Re: Jazz?

In regards to GG playing jazz I would like to refer you to an article by
James G. Shell in Glenn Gould (a publication of the Glenn Gould Foundation)
Spring 1999. Page 16  - in 1959. Gould told Dennis Braithwaite that "I love
jazz, but I must say in very small doses.""I tolerate jazz," he said later
that rear, in a radio interview with Vincent Tovell; " I listen to it with
mild enthusiasm."    J.Shell feels that GG had some interest in jazz, but
that interest did not run very deep.  I agree with Shell that someone who
improvised as well as GG did would have been a great jazz pianist.
     ON Page 18 GG is quoted -"I think the propaganda that jazz and
classical music will eventually converge is a lot of hogwash." I agree.  I
play both and I love the difference..  I don't enjoy any music that is
watered down.