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Re: GG: newbie with questions

5. Did GG ever marry or have children ?  Was he ever
photographed with a girlfriend at his side?

No.  In the Friedrich book, it discuses this and it discusses the question
of whether or not Gould was gay.  The book doesn't try to suggest that he
was or wasn't. It also tells of a romance he had with a married woman. My
opinion, based on the things that I have read, is that Gould was an
asexual type--like Warhol claimed to be (but really wasnt)

I guess this ties in with my opinion of 32 Short Films.  As a cinematic
work, it is a highly original (dare i say genius) piece of film.
subject-wise, I think it should have been titled "32 short films  about
the image of glenn gould".  I think it focuses too much on the persona and
not the man himself. like brian wilson or howard hughes, there's more to
their lives than just the (seemingly) weird things that they did.  To me,
if you want to find Gould, listen to one of the pieces of music that he
sings along with.  That, then, is the true Glenn gould--not that the flim
isn't accurate--it is, to a greater extent. The one thing that is missing
from the film is the man, a man who loved his music. There's nothing weird
or odd about the fact that the man liked Petula Clark...in fact, with the
type of music I listen to, listening to Gould is considered odd, but it
doesn't mean that i am.

...or does it? 8^)

have a good memorial day!