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Re: New Listener CD-ROM


I received the following message from Katherine Lee on the 31st May 1999.

Hello Ian:

Thanks for checking back with us.  I've been told that DNA expects to
release the project in a matter of months.

We'll be sure to let you know asap when we have any more news.

Best regards,

Katherine Lee

Subject: New Listener CD-ROM
From:    Marco Poli <poli@mailserver.unimi.it> at Internet-Gateway
Date:    6/6/99  9:32 pm

dear f-minors,
some months ago I tried to purchase from DNA productions the  "Glenn Gould:
The New Listener" CD-ROM, but I never received the copies I ordered.  Does
anybody know if anything has gone wrong, and suggest me how to receive the
CD-ROM?   I'm really longing for it.


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Subject: New Listener CD-ROM